Avoiding Awkwardness When Meeting A Cute Girl

awkwardMeeting new people is always hard.

The problem is especially compounded when the new person you’re meeting is a cute girl. You want to act nonchalant and cool, but you worry about making a great first impression, because you know, anything can happen. And despite having a mustard stain on your collar, you immediately fantasize that things will go well, she’ll make all “the moves” at you, and then she’ll take you back to her place and ravage you!

Unfortunately, you snap back to reality and then you’re stuck in a situation where you have to converse with this new, cute girl in your life that smells of dandelions, spring rain, and opportunities. This is when it gets hard. How do you appear interesting and cool?

Fear not! Below are the steps you need to follow in order to avoid awkwardness when meeting a cute girl.

1) Make her feel comfortable.

No girl wants to hang around if she’s not comfortable, and that starts with you. Don’t fidget, trail off in your sentences, or ask her for a staring contest. In a phrase, just chill, dude!

2) Ask open-ended questions.

I think this tip is generally stupid, but hey, my friends think it should be included. For the most part, if you just listen and feel the situation, you can usually figure out which way to take the conversation. But yeah, if all else fails, ask about…stuff.

3) Compliment her.

The word “duh” here comes to mind. But in terms of timing, give a compliment around when you first meet her or towards the end. Telling her she has beautiful eyes while she’s talking about her dead cat might not be such a good idea.

4) Avoid the negative zone (especially as you drink).

Nobody likes a negative person, so just stop it! Forget about your shitty life, and your shitty job, and your shitty friends, and your shitty car…and um, whatever else. If you’re out in a social setting, around new people, bring your A-game, and that’s your nice side. When you become friends, or maybe more with said lady, then maybe you can start venting (even then, be aware when you’re a negative Nancy). People meet new people to feel that magic that creates social, anthropological bonds. You feed that magic with charm, wit, and James Bond-ness.

Be smooth, bro. Be smooth.

5) Smile.

Best way to combine all the above tips is just to smile. With a smile, you can make someone feel comfortable and help yourself avoid the negative zone. At the very least, a smile indicates you’re not an asshole sucking the life out of a party. Furthermore, you can avoid being the butt of this joke:

What does your name and a black hole have in common?
They both suck!

Hahahaha. This is good stuff, right? No? Fine. Moving on…

6) Try to end the night on an upbeat note.

Hey, at the end of the night, if things go well, try to find ways to secure more time with the gal in the future. Life’s about interactions, right?


If none of the steps above work, you have no choice. You just gotta be hot.

That might not be possible for the majority of us mortals, so in the end, don’t beat yourself up too much.

As Aaliyah would say, “if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.”

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