Best Science Fair Project Ever!

Science Fair-Susan Messina

Source: Some awesome girl named Susan Messina

You know, I like science. So it’s with great pleasure that I introduce our newest category “Yeah Science, Bitch!” Aside from being a great demonstration on the importance of correct comma placement, this new category is also a shoutout to one of the greatest shows of all time…not telling you. If you don’t know what this reference, then you don’t deserve to know!

Annnyhoo, we’re kicking off this new category with this awesome picture courtesy of an awesome kid named Susan Messina. Now like I said, I like science. BUT I hate being told what to do and I imagine this girl feels the same. There’s nothing more effective at getting a kid to hate something than to make them do it. So, thanks to the teacher out there who made this kid enter a science fair project and probably quashed her interest in the subject. After all, we do have enough women in science. You’re totally helping the future there.

Despite having to enter a science fair project against her will, little Susan probably contributed the best science fair project ever! I mean, this board has EVERYTHING! All the important components are there: materials, results, and findings. There’s even a very helpful graph to illustrate her point.

Umm, there you have it. If this kid did not win the competition, there is no God.

Man, what an awesome entry!

*Update* 02/22/2013
I just got a comment from Ms. Susan Messina herself (her email addy seems to indicate that it is indeed her) with the background story to this poster:

I love that you shared my poster! I’m actually a parent, who created this 3 years ago in frustration after struggling through my umpteenth science fair project with my elementary-school-aged daughter. I did it as a private joke for my friends, posted it to FB then, and got a lot of likes. Last week, on a whim, I set my privacy settings to public and off it went, going viral starting Monday, Feb. 18th. It’s been a lot of fun to see how much conversation it has sparked and how many people (well over a million!) have liked or shared it.


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