What is pimpknowlege.com?

Pimpknowledge.com is a site to post irreverent, humorous, and ‘educational’ articles. In essence, we’re the anti-Thought Catalog and Upworthy of the internet world. We can’t purport to be thoughtful, or deep, or mind-blowing, but we hope to always keep you entertained.

So do you guys provide, I don’t know, actual pimp knowledge?

Every now and then, we might have articles that deal with street knowledge of the ‘ho’ variety, but really, we think PimpKnowledge (not pimp knowledge) encompasses many things. Have you ever heard the song ‘Pimp Juice’ by Nelly. Halfway through the song, he explains what ‘Pimp Juice’ is (and it’s not what you think). It goes:

Now your pimp juice is anything, attract the opposite sex
It could be money, fame, or straight intellect
It don’t MATTER! Bitches got the pimp juice too
Come to think about it – dirty, they got more than we do
They got mo’ – juice in they talk, got mo’ juice in they walk
They got mo’ – juice in they pants, OOH GOD DAMN!
I tell you man it’s a cryin shame..
.. how people use, the juice in vain- you hear me mayne
Pimp juice is color blind
You find it work on all color creeds and kinds
From ages 50 right down to 9

That’s how we feel about pimpknowledge. It’s anything that’s fun, random, and cool. This way, we avoid being sexist and ageist (cause chicks and oldies have pimpknowledge too).

Why do you have a section to submit things?

Well, how it works is that we do have staff writers. Each writer has the freedom to post in his or her own style and about his or her own interests. But there might be things you readers find interesting. You guys can submit topics to us or articles of your own. We might take your topics and write something about them and we reserve the right to modify your article as our own. However, if you write a good enough article, we’ll usually give you credit and call you a guest contributor.

What articles can I submit?

We don’t exactly have a hard rubric for what we want. But mostly, it should provide some type of knowledge and/or be on the humorous side. But anything that’s fun and interesting will be taken. Through time, we’re sure PimpKnowledge will develop its personality, but for now, we just want to have fun.