How To Rid Someone Of Baby Fever

If you’re like me, you might be at that age where everyone around you is looking to make babies and ride off into that matrimony bliss. Just a scroll down your Facebook newspage can confirm this. The problem though, is that you barely know how to dress yourself, let alone prepared to dress a little person. So while everyone else is hopping on that baby train, you’re still slinging it away, Gangnam style, back in Partyville. You just need people to get off your back, and stop talking about babies.

Fortunately, there’s a way to remedy that! Just show that gal (or guy) this vid and it might change their mind (or at the very least, make them laugh). If you really are desperate, you might even go as far as make the contraption yourself. While this is a viral marketing vid for the movie “Devil’s Due,” you don’t really know that until the end. For most of the clip, it’s just a damn good prank, and a funny one at that.

Should you ever really decide to have a baby though, I don’t recommend that you actually make a deal with the devil.

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