The Big Bang Theory’s Top 5 Secondary Characters


After a long day, there’s nothing better than sitting around and watching your favorite sitcom. Like Saul in The Pineapple Express, I just want to chill on the couch, blaze one, grab a giant bowl of cereal, and laugh my ass off to some stupid comedy. For me, and tons of other viewers, it’s The Big Bang Theory that gets our chuckle factory churning. But what makes that show so great is the catalog of secondary characters that interacts with “The Gang.” Here, I’m gonna rank the top 5 secondary characters that make the show so damn hilarious. The only qualification is that these characters cannot be part of the main cast. So you won’t see Amy or Bernadette on here. Now…on to the list!

Mary Cooper

5. Mary Cooper

It’s no wonder that the most recurring mom on The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon’s mom. Like Leonard’s mom, the character is the opposite of her son. But where Dr. Beverly Hofstadter falls short is lack of hilarious dynamic between the two. Leonard’s interactions are usually a repetitive version of “Aw, my mommy doesn’t show affection and she’s a robot. Poor me.” Sheldon’s mom, on the other hand, plays more like a Joker to Sheldon’s Batman. She’s a bit kooky, deeply religious, and a down-to-Earth Texan. Sheldon, meanwhile, is none of that. While on opposite sides, one can’t live without the other though. What makes this parent-child pairing the best, is that when Dr. Sheldon Cooper has a problem, it’s always his mommy he runs to, even if she drives him crazy (remember when the guys faked the monopole results?). Aww, who wouldn’t want that kind of love?
Barry Kripke

4. Barry Kripke

Do you remember the first time that Baawwwy Kwipke introduced himself? If you didn’t laugh, YOU HAVE NO SOUL!! (Then again, if you did laugh, you’re kind of a asshole. Whatevs.) With a noticeable um…speech pattern, you can’t really miss him when he’s in the room. Sheldon is such a genius that it’s nice when he’s foiled by someone. In the early seasons, it was Leslie Winkle. But she was too boring and she left anyway. Now, we have Baawwwy to ensure that Sheldon always stays grounded. Who doesn’t love the fact that someone who would usually be picked on in school is now bullying a fellow nerd? Hmm…now that I think about it, a bullied Kwipke probably explains a lot.
mrs wolowitz

3. Mrs. Wolowitz

Despite never making an actual appearance, Mrs. Wolowitz has got to be one of my favorites. We never see her, but Howard’s descriptions are enough to paint the picture. She’s an overweight, overbearing, somewhat lonely, and doting Jewish mother. And her interactions with her son from the other room is usually a scene stealer.

MRS. WOLOWITZ [as Howard is unlocking the front door]: Who’s there!? Are you a sex criminal!?
HOWARD WOLOWITZ: Sex criminals don’t have keys, Ma!

The above picture is a bit morbid, but in some Sheldonless universe, her relationship with Howard might have gone Psycho. Still, we know she greatly loves Howard, and in his strange, twisted, bordering-on-unhealthy way, he can’t live without her too.
Zack Johnson

2. Zack Johnson

Oh Zack, you loveable dimwit, you! Zack is good-looking, earnest, and dumb as a rock. Yet in another place and time, you can see him be a part of The Gang. When he first made an appearance, it was quite refreshing to have a new dumb person in the group. For years, that role was held by Penny, but you can only appreciate her vacant look so long. After that, it just gets less believable or tired. Zack, on the other hand, brings a good-ole-fashioned puppy attitude dynamic. Instead of being the good-looking mean meathead, he just wants to be involved and have fun. The guy loves milk duds, worries about people blowing up the moon with a laser, and will leap tall buildings in a single bound for Halloween. With these qualities, how can you not want him part of your group?

1. Stuart Bloom

Finally, the number one, best, awesome, and greatest-of-all-time secondary character on The Big Bang Theory is….

Stuart Bloom!

There’s a reason Stuart temporarily became a regular character in season 6. He’s a sad sack, an entrepreneur, a comic book geek, an online dater (or he tried), and a nice friend despite always being left out by The Gang. Well, he’s a good friend unless he can trade it all for a lucrative comic book store. After Howard got married, he became a nice “partner” for Raj. It’s funny that Raj used to have to play Robin to Wolowitz’s Batman (I know I use Batman a lot. He’s my favorite superhero. Suck it!) and now he finally has his own Robin. In terms of importance to the group, no other secondary character is better than Stuart! After all, their lives revolve around the Comic Book Store. And while we’re on that subject, you CANNOT tell me that you wouldn’t watch a spin-off show about Stuart and the Comic Book Store if that were to happen. See, I didn’t think so. Case closed.

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