When You Don’t Know Magic, This Is The Next Best Thing


Since we were kids, we’ve all wanted to be magicians. The ability to befuddle a 6-year-old, amaze a pretty cute girl, throw down ninja smoke bombs while you escape from a bully…ok, I’ve just been informed by a friend that not everyone wanted to be a rad, card-throwing magician. I guess it’s just me.

Still, magic is awesome and anyone who says otherwise is a complete lamo. Just ask Barney Stinson, or those cool pick-up artist guys. Yeah, that’s right. Can’t deny the coolness there.

Getting back to the topic at hand, I bring up magicians because there’s just not enough people with these natural gifts out there. So what’s a guy to do? Well, according to this guy right here, you can just turn to video editing. I mean, this vid is so smooth, I can’t even be sure it’s not REAL magic. So check it out, and let your jaws DROP!

P.S. I know the topic photo wasn’t really a preview of magic, but I couldn’t find a cool pic. Still, Heath Ledger’s Joker did perform a magic trick in the movie (such an epic scene!!) and the Joker pic above is just so damn awesome. I couldn’t find out who originally created that fanpic except for a vague reference to someone named HattersMadGirl. Well HattersMadGirl, you got mad skillz. Kudos to you.

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